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About Mountain Healthcare

Mountain Healthcare, PLLC is a direct primary care health center that was started with the vision to move away from the modern style of medicine and to step back into accessible, affordable, and personalized patient care without interference from governmental or insurance agencies. You can expect to receive excellent healthcare that is respectful, professional, and kind. Our purpose is to help you live healthy through a focus on preventative care while providing quick access during acute illness and minor injuries. We are a Christ-centered business which means our goal is to love as Jesus loves and to treat patients as we want to be treated (Matthew 7:12).

For Patient Appointments:

Call: 828-341-1162
Text: 828-360-2040

Email: mountainhealthcare@protonmail.com

Affordable Primary Care Membership - One Price for Unlimited Appointments!

Patient members enjoy a direct relationship with our provider for a flat membership fee (10% discount if paid once yearly). This allows for better, more comprehensive care the moment it's needed most. You receive clinic visits that are dedicated to quality, personalized healthcare. No co-pays or deductibles!

Prices: Age13-22: $378/yr or $35/mo Age 23-34: $486/yr or $45/mo Age 35-49: $594/yr or $55/mo Age 50 -64: $702/yr or $65/mo Age 65> $924/yr or $77/mo

Quick Care Clinic

Our Quick Care Clinic is for non-members and is open 7 days/week for acute illness such as: urinary tract infection, cold, flu, throat infection, ear infection, skin infection, muscle strain/sprain, laceration, pneumonia, bronchitis, sinus infection, etc. We offer in-office strep tests, flu tests, and urinalysis. Call or Text - We will make sure you are seen without the long wait!

Price $85 w/ free follow-up (same problem within 1 month)

Sports Physicals/Pre-Employment Physicals/General Health Physicals & Health Consults

We offer various other services to our community and will work with you to meet your health needs.

Walk-In Quick Care
Mondays 1p-4p & Thursdays 9a-12p (No Appointment Needed!)

Virtual Visits, Clinic Visits, and House Calls

Early Treatment

Quick and easy access to medical evaluation and early treatment of acute illness such as common colds, viruses, flu, strep, ear infections, and respiratory infections.

Wellness and Prevention

We focus on preventative health and overall wellness. We want you to live your life healthy and independent.

General Health

Routine general health physicals, disease management, prescription refills and medication management, sports physicals, pre-employment physicals.

Additional Services

Treatment of minor injuries such as sprains, strains, and simple lacerations; treatment of skin infections including abscess drainage; treatment of ingrown toe nails, and wart removals

What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is an innovative healthcare model where Practitioners partner with their patients to provide primary care services under a flat, periodic membership fee. By moving away from traditional insurance-based billing, DPC practices are able to provide a wide spectrum of care in a transparent, affordable manner, and able to do this while offering patients a higher level of service, communication and relationship.

This health model is intended to restore the patient-physician relationship without the intrusion of insurance companies or governmental agencies.

About Our Nurse Practitioner

Sandy Gibson earned a Bachelor of Arts in both Chemistry and Biology from Austin Peay State University; Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Belmont University; and Master of Science in Adult Acute and Continuing Care Nursing from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Prior to becoming a Nurse Practitioner (NP), she worked as a Registered Nurse for twelve years in Adult and Pediatric Emergency Rooms, Intensive Care, and with Trauma Surgery. For the last ten years, she has worked as a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner in various settings including: primary care, college health, urgent care, community health, and urology. Her health passion is in helping patients live healthy using a holistic approach to disease prevention and cure. She enjoys outdoor activities like gardening, camping, hiking, fishing, and exercising. She treasures time spent singing and playing old gospel hymns with her five wonderful children and faithful husband of thirty years. Over the years, she has taught many children and youth Bible classes and Sunday School. She has also helped to coach various youth recreational sports including soccer, basketball, baseball, and volleyball.







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